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25+ Best Easter Basket Ideas for Kids and Adults

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

If your house is anything like ours, filling an Easter basket is the last thing on your mind. Spring break just happened, and maybe you traveled. Maybe you’re still reeling from the piles of post-vacation laundry, or perhaps you haven’t wrapped your head around the fact that kids are off school this Friday because of Good Friday and Easter weekend, so you have to bring your kids to work with you (cue the hair pulling out now).

Photo by Євгенія Височина on Unsplash

Your kid’s teacher just sent a note home saying they need 14 Easter eggs stuffed and ready for your child to hunt for on Monday, but they have to be in by Wednesday (which is tomorrow!!!!) because there’s no school Friday. Which bin are the plastic Easter eggs in again? What do I have to stuff Easter eggs with? Oh, look, here’s the wooden bunny set and matching markers I bought last year for the kids to do and forgot to get out…

Anyway, whatever the level of chaos is in your house this time of year, I wish you all the self care you need and this post aims to make your gifting projects easier. Here are some of our favorite ideas for stuffing Easter baskets.


Unusual candy

  • Kinder eggs

  • Jumbo starburst jellybeans

  • Mexican flavor beans

  • Whopper eggs

  • Cadbury cream eggs

  • Peeps

  • Reese’s eggs


  • Encourage new reading level

  • New topic

  • Science or how things work

Cookies or other treat

  • Girl Scout cookies (Aldi has a great sub if your Girl Scouts are done selling for the year)

  • Fun shaped pretzels

  • Fun shaped pasta

Barbie clothes or accessories for existing toys

  • Build A Bear

  • Nerf darts

  • Perler bead color refills or patterns

  • Lego add-ons

Art Supplies

  • Glitter glue sticks or scented glue sticks

  • Twisty markers or crayons or pencils

  • Refills (color wonder paper or sketchbook)

  • Could be ink for a graphic designer

  • Clay for a sculptor

  • Crafts and craft kits

  • Scissors for lefties

  • Stickers


Bath supplies/ toiletries

  • Bath toys for littles

  • Washcloths with favorite characters

  • Bath bombs

  • Body wash with characters

  • Toothpaste/ toothbrush (could be new heads for electric toothbrush users)


  • New earrings

  • Bracelets

  • Tiaras

Gift cards

Memberships (museum, movie theater, maker space, mini golf)

Tickets (concerts, lectures, travel, vacation)


Office supplies

  • Graph paper sticky notes

  • Grown up stickies

  • Fancy papers, fancy pens

  • Scrapbook materials

  • Thread for sewers, quilters

  • Scissors (because who ever gets their scissors sharpened?)


  • Concert

  • Play

  • Lecture

  • Travel

  • Vacation

Gift cards

  • Spa

  • Shopping

  • Food


  • Beef jerky

  • Beer

  • Coffee

  • Tea (some favorites in this family are Stash Meyer Lemon and Celestial Seasonings Lavender Lemon Lane)

  • Trader Joe’s seasonal treats (hard to find, but worth the hunt)

Socks or Funny Tees

Gear for hobbies

  • Bike accessories

  • Water filter for hikers life straw

  • Pump for inflatable paddle board or canoe or kayak


  • Lipstick

  • Nail polish

  • Thrive eye shadow stick

  • KVD eye liner

  • Subscription boxes


  • Wallet (think Kate Spade or Michael Kors)

  • Subscription boxes


  • How-tos

  • Self care

  • ARCs

  • Coveted first editions

  • Keep track of your fav people’s fav authors and check for new releases

  • Audible or Kindle subscription

  • Magazine subscriptions

Here’s a tip: order everything from grocery pickup and let the store do the work for you. Now all you need is a hiding spot. Don't choose the garden window in the kitchen because it gets hot in the afternoon and the chocolate will all melt (ask me how I know)...

May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short (wait, it’s Tuesday already). I wish you the best of luck as you fill baskets for the loved ones in your life and plan menus and schedule more holiday things you don’t really have time for. And I also wish you peaceful Easter blessings and maybe a little slowness (*wink*).

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