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4 of the Best Free Training Courses for Writing Improvement

If you’re a writer, you know that you have days when the words flow and days when it’s hard to get anything moving.

The more you practice, the easier you will know to let yourself work extra on the days when you’re on fire. And on the dud days? Well, you can write and really push some material out, but if you know it won’t be your best work, then you shouldn’t submit it until you’ve given yourself time to look over it again the next day.

Training courses for writing can help you build the skills you need to keep going, especially on the hard days. Here are some of the best free writing courses to sign up for that will help you improve.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Snackable Writing Course with Henneke

One of my favorite writing courses is from Enchanting Marketing with Henneke Duistermaat, particularly her free snackable writing course. It’s an email course that comes to your inbox every day, and it’s in small chunks so you can work it into your day. Sign up on her website for this course and others. Henneke also offers free webinars, books, and other learning materials to help you improve as a business writer.

Heather and Pete Reese’s Free Webinars

You probably don’t worry about the words as much as you worry about making money. Working for yourself is stressful, but you really can make money doing it. Heather and Pete Reese, travel bloggers extraordinaire, offer courses and free webinars about making money with your blog. They share their own templates and methods that have given them opportunities to get fully-paid-for trips across the globe with their family, and some that they’re even paid to go on. Learn more on their website,

HubSpot Academy Certifications

The HubSpot Academy offers free courses and certifications for all kinds of professions, of which writing is one. If you’re looking to boost your credibility and gain a certification to give yourself a bit of clout, this is the place to do it. Sign up on their website for whichever courses you feel will give your business the biggest jump.

Linked In Learning (Lynda), which is now Linked In Learning, requires a subscription. But we’ve mentioned it here because many public libraries subscribe to the database. Card holders can use their subscription for free. Sometimes you have to access from the library but often you can login with your library card from home and use it wherever you are. Talk to your librarian for help logging in. It’s worth asking if they have other similar programs besides Lynda, too. The more resources you can find for free, the more you’ll boost your writing skills and your business.

Why You Need To Take Time for Continuing Education

It’s hard to make time for yourself, especially when you won’t be making any money during the training time. Finding free courses like those above can help, but when you’re specifically choosing not to work on something productive that makes money and instead try to improve your skill set, part of you probably feels guilty.

Just remember that overall your writing will improve because of the efforts you’re putting in. By acknowledging that you’d like to improve, you’re saying to yourself:

  • I can get better

  • I’m willing to try hard to achieve my goals

  • I have aspirations and they are important

  • The skills I learn will help me make more money down the road

  • I’m important and I matter

If you need to write these things down to help give yourself permission to try a training course, then DO IT! You do matter, and you are important. And investing in yourself and your own business is part of what makes entrepreneurship such a valuable path to pursue.

For more valuable posts about writing and being a professional while also being a mom, read other bits from A Wild Lass Lifestyle Blog.

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