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5 Tips to Add an Edge to Your Professional Wardrobe

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

What do you think of when you think of a professional wardrobe? Do you think suits and pantyhose?

Thankfully, gone are the days of ultra-conservative, boring clothing being standard in the workplace. Nowadays, it is more common to have a standard dress code that is relaxed while still being professional.

Many workplaces are even embracing nontraditional hair colors. This is great for those of us who want to add in some edge to our work outfits. Clothes should reflect your personality and interests.

Take a look at these top tips for adding an edge to your professional wardrobe.

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1. Textures

Textures are a way to add a little bit of fun to your wardrobe. Pair a unique texture with your professional outfit for a twist on a typical outfit. You might consider a texture that is on trend, like velvet. Or you might want to consider a bolder texture like leather. Keep most of your outfit classic textures and pick just one or two unique ones.

While a work environment often means a different style of outfit than you would normally wear, it does not have to be a complete change. Balance is key when it comes to adding an edge to your professional wardrobe.

2. Statement Accessories

High-quality articles of clothing can be expensive, certainly not something you want to be purchasing every time the trends change. Consider changing up your existing outfit choices with new statement accessories.

Cheaper than purchasing new clothing, statement accessories can be used to add a new edge to your professional outfits. A simple change in accessories does wonders to brighten spirits and lead to stronger confidence.

3. Bold Colors and Patterns

Bold colors and patterns are a way to stand out with your clothing choices. It's probably not the best idea to dress in a variety of bold colors from head to toe. Unless you are Kimmy Gibbler, this wouldn't be considered professional in most circumstances.

However, wearing just one article of clothing in a bold color or print is a way to add a little edge to your outfit. Pick a fun shirt or pants in a bold color and start off your day feeling like the adventurous woman you are. A dress in a fun pattern turns a professional design into a stylish option.

4. Interesting Shoes

Who doesn't love new shoes? Interesting shoes are able to make even the most normal outfit stand out. Fun and unique shoes are a great investment and can be worn with multiple outfit options.

Choose a fun shoe in an interesting color or with a unique design to give your outfit a little extra kick. These travel ballet flats come in multiple colors and prints.

Even in the most traditional environments, there is usually some room for expression with your style. Being able to showcase your adventurous personality through wardrobe pieces is a lot of fun.

5. Cosmetics

Interesting cosmetic choices are a no-risk way to play with new trends. You can start by picking a new, intense eyeshadow shade and keep the rest of your makeup as you usually do. Or choose a bold lip option and keep the rest of your look subdued.

You can change your look everyday if you'd like without a large investment. Be sure you practice before you have to go into work in case you do not like the first attempt at a new design or color choice.

Professionalism with an Edge

Our style choices say a lot about who we are as women. Often, we must cover up our tattoos and piercings if our workplace doesn’t embrace them. Style is one way we can all bring a little adventure into the workplace.

Of course, you want to make sure to consult your company’s dress code policies before planning your outfits. Try these tips to bring some excitement into your professional life. Remember, less is more. Mix simple and adventurous pieces for a fun twist on classic styles.

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*Disclaimer: Some of the links you see may be affiliate links. All that means is if you click through and end up making a purchase, I’ll earn a commission.

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