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Best Ride On Toys for Adventurous Moms and Kids

Updated: Jan 6

If you’re ready to start off the new year with an adventurous streak, finding some fun ride on toys you can enjoy with your kids is a great way to do it. While it may not always be in your comfort zone, spending time outside is good for your health and a great way to bond with your kids.

From personal light electric vehicles or powered transporters to traditional ride on toys that only go when powered with your own two feet, we have the low down on all the best ones for your family members (big and small). Check them out below!

*Disclaimer: Some of the links you see may be affiliate links. All that means is if you click through and end up making a purchase, I’ll earn a commission.

Toddler Riders

For young kids who need to get some energy out, you don’t have to go right to an electric vehicle or battery powered ride on toy. Try a Step 2 Roller Coaster. It has several pieces that fit together to create a gentle slope with a few waves to make it interesting for the kiddos. The rider car is similar to any other riding toy, but it fits in the coaster tracks to make it easy to steer.

Balance bikes look like a miniature of a regular bike but they don’t have pedals. These are used to help kids learn the balance part of riding a bike without focusing on the mechanics of moving their feet. Essentially they use their feet to make a running motion like they would with their regular playground activity, but they are sitting on the bike.

Tricycles are great for kids to learn to ride bikes as well. For toddlers, the ones with handles on the back are perfect for parents who want to help guide their kids (especially if you also have older ones along on your walk through the neighborhood) but don’t want to bend down and need a chiropractor visit the next day.

My Favorite Ride On Toys: Hoverboards

Of all the options out there, my favorite ride on toy for kids and adults is a hoverboard. They come in different varieties based on age range, weight, and speed. If you have a young child, you can find an appropriate hoverboard that will only go 6-8 miles an hour and a low weight limit. These are good for riding around the house if you don’t have thresholds between rooms, and can be okay for outdoor riding if sidewalks aren’t rough.

Hoverboards come with Bluetooth connectivity so you can see your battery levels, check your speed, and play music through speakers. Some even have colorful lights to make it a real party.

For older kids or adults, you can get a hoverboard that has heavy duty wheels and goes a lot faster. They can also handle a lot more weight, so adults can ride them. Heavier duty hoverboards can be used to move heavy equipment and can handle higher thresholds and obstacles. Ride them outside, too.

Bonus points for adventurous moms who conquer their hoverboard and make their kids jealous. Here’s a YouTube video to help you learn the art of hovering.

If you’re ready for the next step with your hoverboard, try an accessory like this buggy that attaches to the board and allows you to sit on and drive the board more like a car.

Electric Scooters

Personal light electric vehicles, or powered transporters like electric scooters are great for someone who needs a little help balancing. Unlike hoverboards, they have handles to hold while you drive down the street, and you simply stand on them. It can take a bit of practice to get going, as some scooters require a small push with your foot even if you’re holding the accelerator (you control your speed with your thumb).

If this might be something you’re interested in, many cities have them for hourly rentals now. Check out places near you that might work to practice and help you decide on a purchase.

Other Unusual Ride Ons

Recumbent style bikes are built for the rider to have a different posture than a traditional bicycle where you lean over the handlebars. Instead, you sit back and push your feet forward instead of down as you pedal. They have two wheels traditionally, so you still have to balance like a traditional bike.

Adult tricycles have always been attractive to me because they can have a basket add-on for short trips to the grocery store.

If you aren’t sure about either a recumbent style bike or an adult tricycle, try a cruiser style bike, a cross between the two. This one can even go in reverse, unlike other models. You can find them with two wheels in front instead of two in the back, and some even have four wheels. These can work for long trips, even cross country camping adventures, or extreme cycling.

A Street Strider vehicle is a machine that looks like an elliptical that you would ride at the gym, but it’s a bicycle so it moves forward down the street rather than remaining stationary. This is more of a whole body workout than riding a bicycle. It’s a good idea to find a place to try one out before you commit to buying one.

Get It, Girl!

Be sure you use caution when learning to use any of the ride on toys we reviewed above.

Let us know how it goes finding a ride on toy to try!

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*Disclaimer: Some of the links you see may be affiliate links. All that means is if you click through and end up making a purchase, I’ll earn a commission.

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