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Best Special Hotel Requests

Traveling with kids presents a unique set of challenges that many parents are familiar with. If you’ve ever tried to take your kids on a vacation, especially when they were little, then you understand the frustration.

One of the biggest problems is that hotels are boring. They don’t have the toys your kids are used to, and you don’t have the luggage space to haul the toys on vacation. While most hotel rooms provide a TV, you don’t always have kid-friendly shows to choose from, and you probably don’t want your kids spending all their time watching a screen.

Luckily, hotels are in the business of helping make your stay the best it can be. If that means filling some special requests to make your kids content and keep you as satisfied customer, they’ll be happy to oblige. Never made a special hotel request before?

Buckle up, because here are some of the best suggestions for hotel special requests to ask for when you go on a trip with kids.

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Fun Photos

Does your child love Elmo? If they have a specific cartoon character that’s their favorite, why not ask the hotel to hide a picture of it somewhere unexpected. Your child will come across it when they are exploring the hotel room, and it will bring them a little extra joy after a long trip.

If your kids are too old for that, it would be a fun surprise to request a joke or drawing of something that relates to your trip. For example, if you’re visiting Washington, D.C., then historical facts related to the museums or monuments you will see could work well.

Welcome Home

One special request that helps put your child at ease and make the hotel room seem more familiar is a welcome note. Ask the hotel to leave a welcome note on the bed that greets your children by name. It’s personalized and gives the space a homey feeling.

Let’s Play

Ask your hotel to build a pillow fort on one of the beds in the hotel room. Your children will love the surprise of coming in and finding a little hideout where they can relax and play. Hotels already have lots of pillows and blankets, so it’s an easy request for them to fill. Be sure to give your hotel great reviews when you do this, or mention them in a blog post or Facebook rating if they live up to your expectations.

Practical Jokes

Older kids might get a kick out of you playing practical jokes on them, especially if the hotel is in on it. For example, if you already know which bed your child will sleep in, ask the hotel to make their bed backwards. Put the pillows at the foot, instead of head, and make it the normal way except reversed. Your child will laugh and wonder what happened! An alternative that they won’t discover right away is to ask the hotel to short-sheet the bed.

Special Towels

If you have toddlers, they will be fascinated by towel animals. Ask your hotel to fold some of the room’s towels into animals that can wait for your children to arrive. It may even spark some interest from your kids in learning how to do it themselves. That will occupy them for awhile, especially if you let them watch this YouTube video with instructions for several different ones.

Game Systems

Depending on the hotel you stay at, they may offer video game systems you can borrow. Ask the hotel to provide one, along with kid-friendly games or favorites your kids have at home. While this won’t help reduce screen time, it will help stave off boredom in between activities. You could also get in some family time, if you allot some time to play along with your kids.

Practical Ideas

Ask the hotel for special things you might need if you’re staying in a room with a family. Here are some examples of less “fun” ideas, but still helpful for your stay:

  • An extra bed; many hotels have cots, rollaways, or even cribs for babies. Request one when you book.

  • Request that your hotel remove any alcohol from the minibar. Whether you have small children who don’t know any better or sneaky teens, taking away the temptation is a better choice. If you still want access to a relaxing drink at the end of the day, order it through room service.

  • Extra toiletries will come in handy when you have a family. While hotels provide enough for one or two people, if you have more than that coming to stay, ask the hotel to leave extra in the room before your arrival.

Bon Voyage

With these tips in your toolbelt, you’ll be able to start off your trip the right way. If you want to introduce your kids to a new city and a fun hobby like traveling, having a hotel that serves you well as a home base is essential.

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*Disclaimer: Some of the links you see may be affiliate links. All that means is if you click through and end up making a purchase, I’ll earn a commission.

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