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Giving Your Child's Room A Makeover: When and How

Kids grow up so fast, and if you’re thinking that it’s time to give your child’s room a makeover, you may be right. You have lots of factors to consider, from future use of the room to changing trends and hobbies. You’ll also want to make sure the child is on board with the idea. Here are some tips and tricks to help you make the transition smooth.

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How Will You Use This Room Later?

If you’re thinking of having more kids, is there the possibility that you’ll want to give this child’s room to someone else later? How soon with that be? For changes that are coming up fast, a more neutral type of decor will work best.

You can customize wall hangings, bedding, and linens to suit the child. Those are all aspects of the room’s decor that can be changed quickly, and without any consideration of repainting or recarpeting.

Yet if you think a more permanent change is in order, then you can go to town. Maybe you install nice laminate flooring that is virtually kid-proof, along with a fun Spiderman rug if you’re doing a boy room. You can even get a new trundle bed if your little girl is growing up and wants to have more sleepovers with her friends.

Is Your Child Into Fads?

When kids get hooked on a new trend, they scarcely think about anything else. That includes the trend they were hooked on last week. If your child is one that follows fads around and changes opinions on the daily, you may want to hold back on remodeling the room for awhile. You could make significant changes that align with the child’s preferences, only to be told the next month that they hate the new Harry Potter sheet set and they want to change it again. Constant updates could get expensive. Wait until the child’s interests are more stable to put a lot of energy into a room makeover.

Psychology of Redecorating

Some children have trouble adjusting to change, especially when they’re young. Before you make any big changes, you want to make sure that your toddler (or even an older child) can deal with the outcome. Talk about what the changes would look like, and whether they think they’ll like it. Show them pictures of your ideas for new decor and see what their reaction is. You can also show them YouTube videos of remodeling projects, so that they have an idea of what the process will be like.

If you don’t think they’re ready for the emotional changes that come with a new room, then it’s best to hold off for awhile.

The Most Comforting Choice

In the end, you have to go with a decor scheme that will work for your whole family. Whether your child is comfortable with the changes is a big deal, and how the room is used really matters. You know what’s best for your family, so trust yourself to make decisions about new decor.

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*Disclaimer: Some of the links you see may be affiliate links. All that means is if you click through and end up making a purchase, I’ll earn a commission.

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