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How to Prep A House for Showing

Everyone talks about how hard moving is, but until you do it yourself, you truly have no idea. As we prepped our house for showings, I just about lost my mind with two toddlers running around. To all those trying to box things up, declutter, clean and keep it clean, and fix up the house before you list it, I see you. I feel you. And I have a few ideas to make it a teensy bit easier.

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Encourage Yourself

Throughout this journey, you’ll want to quit. You will get tired, you won’t want to work on house projects, and you’ll just generally feel like pouring a glass of wine and plopping on the couch for the rest of the night.

To help yourself stay strong, practice encouraging self talk. Remind yourself that you’ll be done decorating and cleaning soon. Tell your brain that you’re doing a good job. Talk about how much you’ll love the end result.

And if all that fails, reach out to your tribe. Let them know you’re struggling so they can encourage you, too. It takes a village, right?

Set A Deadline

If you’ve made a list of projects you want to get done before you sell the house, then you’re ready to add a schedule. Make sure it’s reasonable--you don’t want to break your back trying to accomplish something that isn’t realistic. Yet you also might want to challenge yourself a little bit. Set the deadline sooner rather than later so that you feel a little bit of pressure as you stage your home and make it look gorgeous.

Use Incentives

If you’re able, decide on a fun reward for all your hard work. Besides the thrill of a new place and some other bonuses, we are planning to install one of those inflatable hot tubs in our new backyard. They aren’t too awful expensive, and it’s a great “luxury” that we’re both looking forward to.

Pack Up Kids’ Toys At Night

No one likes to watch their stuff leave. Kids have a lot of junk, and it doesn’t help when you’re decluttering and prepping a house. Put them to bed as normal and then spend some time boxing up the extras. Obviously, they still need things to play with, but you also need to be able to put it all away when you have a showing. The house has to be tidy. Taking things to storage is a great way to get them out of the house; if they’re in a closet, the kids still might see them and want to get them out. They can live without some toys for a couple months (and they’ll feel like they’re getting a bunch of new toys when you move in and give them back). You may even use this opportunity to start the habit of toy rotation.

Have the Kids Help

Let’s face it, little kids can’t really help you clean. Yet it helps them feel like part of the solution when you talk about what moving is like and why you need to get the house ready. Give them jobs to do as you’re cleaning. They’ll feel involved, and it will be easier when you finally do move. Our kids help put the silverware away, make their beds, put toys away, wipe off the table, and put laundry away.

A New Home

As you work toward building a new home, we realize you’re doing it all. You’re a strong woman who has to be the motivation behind the work, the encourager of everyone, and a hard worker. Much of the work falls on you because you’re home all day, and it’s exhausting. If you use these tips above to keep at it, you’ll be ready to list your home in no time at all.

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*Disclaimer: Some of the links you see may be affiliate links. All that means is if you click through and end up making a purchase, I’ll earn a commission.

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