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How to Preserve Summer Memories

Summer is winding down. Some of you have already put your kids in school, or at least in virtual school. The world of backpacks and school supplies is taking over the world of summer sun and pool days.

Does that make you a little sad? Is it hard to wave goodbye to playing outside, feeling the warmth on your skin, and ice cream treats?

If you’re having trouble letting go of summer, it can help to focus on the good memories and experiences. Here are some tips for how to preserve summer memories and make them last.

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Remember Out Loud

If you’re a mom, you’ve probably done all kinds of activities this summer. Even if your kids are little and you’ve been stuck inside a lot because of COVID-19, there’s no way the entire summer was wasted. Make a list on paper of the great memories you can think of from the last few months. Writing with a pen and actual paper helps you remember better later. When you’re talking with your kids, you don’t want to have to consult your notes.

Now take the time to talk with your kids and remember the summer together. You don’t have to be overbearing. As it comes up in conversation, say, “Remember when we did x this summer? I loved being with you that day.” Help your kids appreciate what you had together.

Many kids have to write about a summer activity when they start school. Helping them with an assignment like this is also a good time to remind them of the fun things you did together.

Frozen in Time: Photographs

So often we fill up our smartphones with photos and never display any of them. Get some photos printed from the summer. Actually create space in your schedule to order the prints and decide how you’ll display them. Whether you buy a cheap album from the dollar store and make one for each child to keep, or print a large photo and frame it, it’s important to memorialize special times together.

You can also get a frame that displays pictures digitally. Send photos to it from your smartphone, and change the pictures regularly. This is a more expensive choice, but it will be easier in the long run to make photos a habit.

How to Preserve Summer Memories: Replay

Was there something phenomenal that you did this summer? Why not do it again as a way to remind yourselves of how great it was? Sometimes the best things are those we experience over and over again, making new memories and forming traditions as a family.

If your favorite memory is something that is too big or expensive to repeat, have a DIY repeat at home. For example, if you went to Disney, why not watch a Disney movie together and reuse those souvenir cups? Make a copycat recipe from Pinterest of your favorite park food, and have the whole family wear their souvenir t-shirts.

Think Ahead: Christmas

It’s not even fall yet, and yes, I’m already thinking ahead to Christmas. To be fair, I shop all year round for Christmas. But getting Christmas gifts that help you remember your summer is a great way to cement the memories in your kids’ minds. You never know what your kids will remember, but you can help them appreciate the summer you had with matching pajamas from a summer event or an ornament that reminds them of your special time together. Is there a souvenir they wanted on your trip that was too expensive? Check online to see if you can find it somewhere and surprise them.

Family Memories

As you think about how to preserve summer memories, remember that it’s not totally up to you. While you can help your kids remember the fun times and treasure those memories yourself, you can’t control who remembers which details. Focus on the verbal affirmations and reassurances, as well as a few other tokens of your summer.

While time will inevitably move on, that doesn’t mean you have to be sad. Enjoy the good memories you have, and look forward to everything the next season will bring.

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*Disclaimer: Some of the links you see may be affiliate links. All that means is if you click through and end up making a purchase, I’ll earn a commission.

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