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New Release: Erlingue, A Tale of Two Sisters by Claudia Klein

It's here! The debut young adult fantasy novel from author Claudia Klein is available on Amazon. You can get it in paperback or Kindle, whichever is your preferred reading style. I'm so proud of my cousin, and honored to have gotten to help edit this book.

The story follows two sisters from warring country Erlingue as they're forced to flee their home. They get separated, and this is the tale of their adventures to reunite and save the kingdom from a sinister king ruled by a darker power.

While the YA genre has evolved over the years, from the fad of paranormal adventures and sappy teen romances to the dystopian dramas of today, Erlingue fits right in to the overarching desire of young adults to be taken seriously and contribute something meaningful to their world. And if they have to break a few rules in the meantime to accomplish that, the more exciting it is to read about.

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