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The Date Afternoon

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Photo by Vladimir Kudinov on Unsplash

It's revolutionary, really. You're exhausted by 6 pm, you say? I'm a mom, I can't go out on a date, you say?

I know. I've been there. And I still go on dates. I know this fact: if I go out and stay out late, I get home and only want to sleep. But invariably, that is the night both my children decide not to sleep hardly at all. Or in the very best case scenario, they both still wake up at six in the morning, no matter how late I went to bed.

Never fear. There is a solution. Drink your coffee while the kids nap and laugh in the face of adversity, because here's my secret: the date afternoon.

Don't go out at night. Go in the afternoon.

I'm serious! Put those kids down for their nap, and schedule the babysitter to arrive immediately after. Now, go out. And don't worry about them.

Don't worry about the babysitter losing her mind, because the first half of her babysitting job, the kids were sleeping.Don't worry about the kids, because they woke up to their favorite babysitter and were overjoyed.Don't worry about falling asleep on your date, because you had your coffee after lunch, right? And it's not night time yet, so you'll make it through noooooo problem. And, don't worry about your date being too short, because you go home when it's time to put the kids to bed, and then you get the rest of the night to spend with your S.O. and extend the date as late as you're willing to stay up.

The best part?

Don't worry about the babysitter not wanting to come watch your kids again, because yours was the easiest babysitting job she's had all month. She didn't have to put the kids down for nap or bed!

Have you tried it? What are your best date afternoon ideas?

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