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Content Services

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Traditional content creation involves web content, social media content, and even press releases and other writing needs. We handle it all, on a small scale or regular weekly and monthly needs. Contact us using the form below.

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From planning large corporate events with 1000 guests to smaller gatherings like awards ceremonies, family reunions, weddings, and more, A Wild Lass can help plan and execute your occasion.

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Ghost Writing

When you're ready to publish, poor writing skills or lack of time can hinder your progress. We can help you get your book published, while you maintain authorship. We also ghost write blog posts and other important documents.

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Used mostly for corporate events but available for smaller needs, projectionist services include creating and editing PowerPoint or ProPresenter decks, as well as assisting live on site during the presentation.

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Whether you have a full-length novel to edit or smaller articles, press releases, and dissertations, we handle it all. We offer professional proofreading and editing services, both personal and professional.

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Microcontent is a service used mostly by small businesses. It covers a host of administrative tasks like checking voicemails and returning calls, typing up handwritten notes, and other nitty gritty extras.

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Kate has done amazing work for me, and I've found her to be a quick study, great at putting words to ideas/concepts, and responsive with a quick turnaround. Her work is top notch professional, and I would recommend her!

Pat Frazier, The Coaching Authority



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Upcoming Events

For scheduling, contact us.

Private Wedding Officiant: South Bend, IN - May 22, 2022

Private Client Production: Buchanan, MI - May 25, 2022

Private Wedding DJ: Notre Dame, IN - May 28, 2022

Pro Bono Production: Nappanee, IN - May 29, 2022

Private Client Production: Notre Dame, IN - May 31, 2022

Private Client Production: Notre Dame, IN - June 1, 2022

Private Client Production: Notre Dame, IN - June 2, 2022

Private Client: Buchanan, MI - June 2, 2022

Private Wedding Planner: Marcellus, MI - June 3, 2022

Private Client Production: Niles, MI - June 3, 2022

Private Wedding Planner: Marcellus, MI - June 4, 2022

Private Wedding Planner: Marcellus, MI - June 5, 2022

Private Wedding DJ - June 11, 2022

Private Client DJ: Novi, MI - June 17-19, 2022

Private Projectionist: Chicago, IL - June 20-22, 2022

Private Projectionist: Grand Rapids, MI - June 24, 2022

Private Wedding DJ: Buchanan, MI - June 25, 2022

Private Wedding DJ: Three Oaks, MI - July 2, 2022

Pro Bono Projection: Nappanee, IN - July 3, 2022

Private Client DJ: Myrtle Beach, SC - July 15-18, 2022

Private Wedding DJ - July 23, 2022

Private Client DJ: Grand Rapids, MI - July 29-31, 2022

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