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9 Fun Hair Colors That Are Professional

Unique hair colors are one way to show the world you’re fun, wild and adventurous. More women are turning to fun, unnatural hair colors to express themselves.

However, worries about looking professional often keeps us from taking the plunge. At the same time, workplace do’s and don’ts are changing: 34% of managers state that non-traditional hair is now acceptable in a professional setting.

If your job hasn’t caught up with modern workplace rules, there are still ways you can incorporate fun hair colors and look professional. Read on for 10 fun hair colors that are appropriate in a professional setting.

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1. Black with Dark Purple

Adding dark purple highlights to black hair is a simple way to add a little bit of fun color. Until you step into the sun, black hair with dark purple streaks is undetectable.

An ombre effect also works well with these two colors. For an extra pop, try a few dark blue highlights with this.

2. Grey Highlights

Grey hair is natural but not usually found on younger people. It’s become popular to add grey highlights to dark hair for more dimension.

If you truly want to jump into this trend, try a blonde and grey mix through all of your hair for an ashy effect.

3. Grey Ombre

If you are not ready to dye your whole head grey, an ombre is a fun way to try out this trend.

The ends of your hair will look smoky without the upkeep of a whole head dye job. It’s a great way to jump into this trend without a long term commitment.

4. Red Balayage

A balayage is a hair painting technique used to make coloring look more natural. It’s a great way to experiment with new colors.

You can be as bold or as sly as you want. With a red balayage, you have a variety of hues to choose from.

Try a dark brown into an auburn balayage for dimension. If you want to be a little bolder, try adding burgundy hues to a black base.

5. Peek-A-Boo

Peek-a-boo color is a fun way to add pops of funky hair color. The color is hidden behind the first layer of hair and only detectable when the hair is up in a ponytail. You can still hide the color by simply wearing your hair down.

If you are trying to hide color, this works the best with a one-length style. A multi-layer cut allows the color to break through. The options for peek-a-boo hair color are endless, you are bound to find something you like.

5. Rose Gold Tips

Add rose gold to the tips of hair for a hint of color. This color is unnatural but it doesn’t look that way when applied to just the tips of hair.

If you’re feeling especially adventurous, try a light brown and rose gold balayage.

6. Dark Brown with Dark Blue

Like black hair, dark brown blends well with other darker colors. Dark blue and brown pair well together, and the blue is virtually undetectable.

Dark blue highlights on brown hair is a safe way to express yourself without snubbing your nose at company dress code. For more relaxed workplaces, try a lighter blue for a pop of color.

7. Light Mauve

Bright purple isn’t usually allowed in the corporate world. Yet you can still add some purple into your hair with a mauve.

Light mauve is a gorgeous color. It’s a light purple that blends well with any natural hair color. Try adding a light mauve fade or balayage to your hair.

8. Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde is an unnatural color that is usually acceptable in the workplace. Most employers won’t say anything about this color. It does require a lot of upkeep to keep roots from showing.

9. Titian Blonde

Titian blonde hair is a beautiful strawberry-blonde color. It’s rare to find hair this color in the wild, but it is still a natural hair color.

If you don’t want to take the plunge into dying all of your hair titian blonde, try dying just your tips this color.

Dress Code and Professionalism

Every company has different policies regarding employee dress code. Make sure to check yours before you jump into any of these suggestions.

You might be surprised to learn that your company is more progressive in hair color acceptance than you thought. If it’s not, try any of these fun options to add a little hair adventure into your life while maintaining professionalism.

I’d love to hear about your company’s policy. Are you allowed unnatural hair color in your job? How do you express yourself if not?

Comment below or on our Instagram and let me know!

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