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Best Travel Hacks for 4 and 5 Year Olds

As moms with wild spirits, we want to teach our children how to love adventures. One of the best ways to do this is with travel. While traveling with children can be difficult, it is worth the added stress.

Use these hacks to make travelling with children a little bit easier. Traveling with your children can be rewarding and fun.

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*Disclaimer: Some of the links you see may be affiliate links. All that means is if you click through and end up making a purchase, I’ll earn a commission.

Think About Illnesses

A sick child is never fun. It is even worse when it happens while traveling. Planning ahead can save you a late-night dash in an unfamiliar city searching for a pharmacy.

When packing your carryon or backpack, include some medicine for illnesses that might pop up. If your family has people prone to motion sickness, be sure to include Dramamine, peppermints, and emesis bags.

Include medicine for headaches, fever reducer, allergy medicine, and an anti-diarrhea medication (especially if traveling out of country).

Prevent Clogged Ears

Pack gum or chewy fruit snacks if you will be flying to prevent clogged ears. If they do get a clogged ear, try having them yawn or blow into a deflated balloon.

Pack Suitcases Strategically

Instead of packing a suitcase for each member of the family, pack by days. Put your family’s clothes for the day in large Ziplock or reusable bags.

All of your family’s clothes for Monday and Tuesday would be in one suitcase and all of the clothes for Wednesday and Thursday be in a separate suitcase and so on. That way, if one suitcase gets lost, no one is completely without clothing for the trip.

Load Up Entertainment

Travel is not the time to be a stickler on screen time. If watching a movie is the only thing that keeps your child happy on a flight, let them have it. Pack extra headphones. Also include a headphone splitter if you have multiple children.

Other travel friendly entertainment options include coloring books, books, activity books like MadLibs, and card games.

Here’s a fun list of entertainment ideas:

Pack Snacks

Pack double the number of snacks and drinks you think you might need. Include easy, filling options such as oatmeal packets or noodles for a quick meal if there is nothing on the menu they will eat.

Consider Road Trips

Does the idea of being stuck in a car with screaming children make you break out into hives? I get it but hear me out. Road trips are a great travel option when traveling with children.

If you don’t have a strict schedule to follow, you can stop for impromptu attractions. If your children are noisy, other travelers aren’t bothered.

Stack Savings

Travel can be expensive, I recommend you take advantage of money saving tips to save on airport parking, airfare, and everything else you can. Stack all the savings you can in order to travel more.

Prudential recommends being flexible on flight dates and renting houses over hotel rooms for additional savings.

Make a Separation Plan

None of us want to think about this scenario but it happens frequently. Have a plan in place ahead of time.

Before heading to your destination, take a photo of your child so you have a recent one to show authorities. Write your phone number on your child’s arm and cover it with liquid band-aid in case they would be separated from you.

Go over what to do if they would be separated. Point out employees, security guards, and a meeting place that is safe in each location.

Stick to a Normal Schedule

Try to stick to your normal schedule as far as sleeping and eating goes. Even the most fun adventures can be hard for children to handle when they’re tired. Don’t schedule an outing during their normal lunch time or nap time.

The Next Adventure

Traveling with kids is an adventure in itself. Expect that things are not going to go as planned. Embrace this ahead of time and it’ll be a lot easier on you if the trip doesn’t go exactly as you pictured. Try to not schedule every second of your trip and allow for spontaneity.

Say yes to that random thing your child wants to do, like visiting a playground. And remember, the adventure is in the experience, not the plans.

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*Disclaimer: Some of the links you see may be affiliate links. All that means is if you click through and end up making a purchase, I’ll earn a commission.

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